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How do I order coffee?

In our webshop you can buy or reserve coffees. These coffees are split between two pages: 1) coffees in stock and 2) coffees in origin.

Buying coffee:

Select Stock Buy or Origin Buy from the offer lists. When you’re done, simply check out, fill out your business details and we’ll ship your coffee to you immediately (Stock Buy) or when the coffee arrives in the Netherlands (Origin Buy).

Reserving coffee:

Select Stock Reservation or Origin reservation from the offer lists. These will be manually processed by our team. After that (max 2 working days), when you log into your personal account, your reservation will be visible. Origin Reservations will be shown with estimated arrival times in the Netherlands; you are obliged to call them off within 10 months thereafter. Stock reservations need to be called off within 6 months.

We load 625 kg, or 10 bags of coffee, per pallet.

Do you offer discounts for bulk purchases?

Apart from the saving you make on shipping – no, not any more. It does not cost us any less to transfer more coffee to you, and we are proud of the small but fair margins we charge, which is why we show them transparently on our profile pages per coffee and our trade models page.

Do you offer discount on old crop?

Yes. Sometimes we buy more than we were able to sell from our partners, this is part of the risk of being a coffee importer. When coffee is starting to reach its one year anniversary in our stocks, we re-cup the coffees and reduce prices according to their level of ageing. This has sparked business models that allow for good coffee from amazing partners for lower prices, and helps us cut losses and increase liquidity. 

You can find these coffees in the “On Offer” section in Coffees in Stock.

How long does shipping take?

When an order is placed (before 9 PM on a weekday), this is day 0.
Day 1: Our warehouse packs your order.
Day 2: the transport company picks up your order.
Day 3 – Day 7 (depending on where you live): your order is delivered.

These ETA’s exclude one or both weekend days depending on your location.

Below are estimates for shipping per country. Note that remote areas within countries (islands, etc) will have a different transit time.

Netherlands   3 days
Belgium   3-4 days
Austria   3-4 days
Czech Republic   3-4 days
Denmark   3-4 days
Estonia   4-6 days
Finland   3-6 days
France   4-7 days
Germany   3-4 days
Greece   6-8 days
Hungary   3-5 days
Ireland   3-5 days
Italy   6-7 days
Latvia   3-5 days
Lithuania   3-5 days
Luxembourg   3-4 days
Norway   3-5 days
Poland   3-4 days
Portugal   4-6 days
Slovakia   4-5 days
Slovenia   4-5 days
Spain   5-6 days
Sweden   4-5 days
Switzerland   3-5 days
United Kingdom   3-4 days

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